who's the person behind the mushroomcat?

my name is colby, i'm 24, currently residing in seattle, and have been drawing since i could pretty much pick up a pencil. it wasn't until a couple years ago that i decided to sell prints of my work, and that grew to a lot of other fun related media.

where else can i find your work?

i use a wide variety of social media outlets, including twitter, facebook, instagram, and tumblr.



do you print yourself? if not, what service(s) do you use?

currently, i don't print at the studio, though that's something i am planning on changing within the next 6 months. i dont like to give out too many of my secrets as to where i have media made, but if you're truly curious, you can email me with questions and i'll most likely answer

what kind of paper is used in your prints?

each print has the listed type of paper underneath, but all of it is acid-free, archival quality paper. it won't fade, it's thick and difficult to damage, and it prints beautifully.

are you available for commissions?

yes ! check out my commissions page!

are you available for / comfortable with commercial work?

absolutely, i love taking commercial work! anything from stickers for your business, to the front of business cards, to custom fabric for you to sew into all kinds sell-able items. please note that my commission prices do not reflect the cost of buying licensing for businesses, we would have to discuss and agree on a price or percentage based upon just what you'd be using the art for.



how long will it take for my order to arrive?

sometimes, i am at the mercy of our printing company. for small things like postcards, stickers, magnets, etc, i always keep a decent amount of stock on-hand and your order is likely to go out on the next 1-2 business days. for prints that have current stock (you will see a notification on the bottom of the screen before the add to cart button) the story is the same. but, if you order when i run out of current stock, it is usually a 10 day wait for the prints to get to me, get inspected, then go out to you. of course, after that, it depends on how far you are from california for USPS to get it to you. i do provide tracking numbers where applicable.

how will my order arrive?

if your order is only small media, it will come in a little rigid envelope. if your order is any number of prints under 13" wide or long, it will come in a large padded envelope with a piece of square cardboard on either side to protect it. if one or more of your prints are larger than 13", your order will come sandwiched between two pieces of cardboard and securely wrapped with protective board & tape

how can i unroll my rolled prints?

the best way seems the simplest way, but simply lay it flat on the table and put a weight on all four corners. make sure you have some kind of acid-free paper (i've heard tissue paper works well for this) on the top of it to prevent any fading, and protect it, and use flat objects for weights so they don't indent the paper. because they were rolled specifically for shipping, it shouldn't take them long to flatten.



why aren't the shipping costs appearing?

shipping options are available on one of the last pages of the checkout only, and don't show up before that, so don't worry! it will appear before you have to enter your payment information.

i have a problem with my order / i'm having difficulty ordering

i'n sure i can help! simply e-mail me at sales@3eyedfeline.com and i can assist in any questions or concerns you might have.