references & designs

currently: open
if you are ready for your commission, e-mail me at with your reference and notes
i do accept commercial commissions, please mention it in your initial inquiry! note that the prices below do not reflect commercial usage at all, since price is so flexible based on use, we would have to discuss on a case by case basis.

fursuit references | starting at 50$

50$ for front & back | 20$ for additional views | 10$ for headshots or detail shots
fursuit-style reference sheet

standard references | starting at 100$

100$ for front & back | 40$ for additional views | 20$ for headshots | 10$ for detail
detailed style reference sheet

designs | starting at 30$

designs are 30 for front only. if a more complicated ref, add 10 flat fee to either ref option above
i can be given a specific direction, artistic liberty, or redesign an existing character


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